Tuesday, December 11, 2012

HDC Galaxy S3 EX / Star B92m Evaluation / Conclusions

After reviewing then using the HDC Galaxy S3 EX for 2 weeks, here are the pros and cons in my opinion.

Pros :
Decent quality construction
Very good quality home button
Very sharp real IPS HD screen
Very wide viewing angles
Good quality Speakers
Good Call Quality
Good Wifi Signal
Good phone signal and 3G / HSPDA
The Slimmest Galaxy S3 Dual Core clone available
Responsive Games Performance
Stable Android Firmware
Bright Flash
Cheap with full hd and 1gb ram

No notification LED
Only 512mb program install space (Can be increased to 2.5gb by rooting and flashing)
Average battery Life due to point below
Higher Wifi / Data power consumption especially when low signal.(can be fixed with software I think)
Less saturated screen colors
Camera 8mp upscaled to 12mp with over tuned noise reduction algorithm.
Slight graphics jerks when scrolling around or when using browsing internet on certain websites. ( not very obvious and Jelly Bean OS could fix this.)
Slower GPS fix.
In consistent Bluetooth uploading when paired with certain phones but not all (e.g. broken uploads with UMI X1 but good uploads to Neo N02-m). Downloading (receiving data works fine)
Stiff power button (may be a positive thing for some people)
Deep recessed USB port
Bad direct sunlight readability

See my earlier review here:

Now you can still get this nice phone at fastcardtech here


  1. Today I purchase HDC Galaxy S3 G9300- MTK6577 Dual Core 1.2Ghz 1G Ram 4.7 inch QHD Screen Android 4.1.1 Phone today. I hope I made a good purchase. I dont want to pay alot of money for a phone. Im on a budget. I hope next month I will get my new phone. Greg this phone good enough compared my htc desire?

  2. Will be better than your HTC Desire

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  4. Thank U Sir. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  5. Quick Question which is better FWVGA or QHD? And Y?

  6. QHD of course. QHD=540x960
    FWVGA ( WVGA )=480x854

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  8. Hello greg

    Can you help me please
    I am torn between


    the star b2m which you have reviewed

    720p screen is the only benefit I see
    Would the qhd screen version priced $50 less be worth the buy (catering for shipping too)

    I guess the 720 p screen would just be a graphical drag on the phone

    Please comment greg

    1. I have already ordered this phone but I need to confirm that it has WCDMA / 3G.
      The listing does not show 3g. If it does have 3G (which I think it should) then this G9300 would be better due to the lower res screen for a faster smoother experience. Also this has Jelly Bean. The Star B92m is ICS.

    2. I just checked the site. It does have 3G according to one buyer who already received it. So the only advantage with the Star b92m is the real 8mp camera. The G9300 has a 5mp camera.

    3. greg thanks for the quick response
      your blog is very very nicely written

      unlike other blogs which gloat ,upon upcomming and most of the times fabled tech stuff, your blog is related to the on ground phones which are directly purchasable

      keep up with the good work

    4. Thanks for your nice comment.

  9. Hi Greg... I see that u order g9300 did u included root app on it? If not can you post how to root this phone. Thank U

    Tomorrow I will received my phone I cant wait.

  10. I think mine is still a week away. Use root and recovery by bin4ry. Watch my neo n02 rooting and install play store video to see how to do this.

  11. I got G9300 today took me 17 days because of Holidays. I was amazed on this product. Its Solid doesn't feel cheap. Except the back cover flexible I think easy to break but I can lived with it. Plus fits the S3 Otter Box case. Overall Im happy with my purchase Thank u Greg for your advice. Pls let me know if u root your phone with bin4ry before I root my phone. My friend tried it and didnt work. I will buy again FCT for my next phone.

    Keep up the good work sir have a good day.

  12. Hi Greg Have any thoughts of selling the phones you bought on fastcardtech?

    1. I already sold some phones. Thinking of selling the HDC S7100. Do you want to buy it?
      I already sold this Star B92m

    2. Wow that's cool maybe you could open a small online shop for Singaporean :) I'm interested in it HDCS7100 do contact me at 81897234 thanks really appreciate it

  13. Hi

    Can someone point me a good Step by Step Installation How to Upgrade to 4.12 and CWM
    I order this HDC Ex which is already rooted and Androis 4.04
    So now i want to have a custom rom with CWM

    Thanks in advance

  14. Hi
    I order this phone with root service from fastcardtech

    We need the Original Rooted rom ASAP as we have a Problem when restoring
    a Nandroid backup with CWM Recovery
    Error while restoring /data!
    So if someone can provide me a rooted cmw stockrom 4.0.4 so i can restore my nandroid data image (data.ext4.dup)
    Thanks in advance


  15. hello Greg

    I have a problem and I hope those of you help me solve it

    I have purchased HDC Galaxy S III Plus I9300 alps htt77_ics2
    half years he go in order and already started about 2 weeks fell out of GSM signal
    I disabled 3G Insofar as the weak signal coverage and still remain weak
    I did a reset factory setting and nothing

    pls help