Saturday, December 29, 2012


Recently a slew of Android Jelly Bean phones have been released. Although Jelly Bean is a minor update to Ice Cream Sandwich there are some improvements I wondered how I got along without them. Go Jelly Bean and you will never go back. Three things I enjoy about Jelly Bean are project butter which makes the phone smooth and responsive, Google now & voice search and the new notification pull down panel. Here are some links to Real Jelly Bean phones I found on Fastcardtech.

1) HDC Galaxy Note 2 S7100
2) HDC Galaxy Note 2 S7100 Lite (512mb ram)
3) ViVO X1-6.55mm Thickness body Android OS Mobile Phone
4) Star B94M
5) UMI X1 (ICS with JB firmware upgrade android 4.1.2)
6) HDC Galaxy S3 G9300
7) HDC Galaxy S3 G9300 Lite (512mb ram)
8) Jiayu G2S
9) Haipai Galaxy Note 2 N7200 (512mb ram, real 8mp camera interpolated to 12mp IPS HD screen).
10 HDC Galaxy Note 2 H7100 (512mb or 1gb version available)

Update: 11) HDC Galaxy Note 2 Ultra

I confirm all these phones to be Jelly Bean Phones. Fake Android 4.1.1 phones were detected and not included in this list. Now is time of the arrival of 1gb Jelly bean phones. 512mb ICS phones will be left to the lower end market segment.


  1. Do you have an idea of the difference between HDC Galaxy Note 2 S7100 and H7100 1gb ???
    There is a difference of 30$ but I don't see any difference in the specification ...

    I'm actually hesitating between H7100 1Gb and Jiayu G3. I feel more confident about Jiayu quality and would prefer since it is smaller and lighter but it is not originaly in Android 4.1(but some ROMS seem to exist) .
    Would you advice me ?

    Thanks !

    PS About HDC Galaxy S3 9300, FastcardTech seems to confirme that it does not support 3G
    "Anonymous user( 2012-12-29 08:15:20 ) from France Question & Comment Comment
    Please confirm that it DOES support 3G (not written in the specification) thank you
    OnlineSupport Replay :( 2012-12-29 17:55:39 )
    It does not supports 3G"

    1. S7100/S7180 is sold under Star brand. H7100/H7100+ is sold under Feiteng brand. Knowing this you should be able to find more info on the net.

      S7180 seems to have more Chinese community support, H7100+ will likely have more support from the Russian community due to the price.

      Jiayu G3 already have a good China/Taiwan/HK community, so for future custom rom support, this is the best bet for the 3 models. But the prices selling on 3 parties are at jacked up prices.

      The actual selling price on Jiayu online store last week (4th or 5th batch) was only 899RMB. They gotten snapped up within hours. I do believe these high prices for G3 will likely dropped to around US$160-180 when MTK6589 phones come out next month.

    2. About the G9300, I cannot confirm till the phone is here.

    3. Just saw on another online store that it does support 3g
      Isn't it senseless to build a powerful dual core phone without 3g?

  2. Thank you for your answer, you seem to be quite a specialist of these phones !
    I've not found a lot of informations about the global quality of Feiteng / Star / Jiayu products (I mean about the "hard" part, not the ROMS) ; is there a reason why the H7100+ is so cheap ?
    I wouldn't like to buy a product which will be likely to be out of order in a month because it is usually badly manufactured ...
    Any advice ?
    Thanks a lot

    PS I know that future MTK6589 will make the price drop, but I'm not so confident about the real availability of these products before many months ...

    1. A lot of infos are on Chinese gadget sites, a lot of reviews are on Russian forums. The English commnity don't review as much, which is why you can only find little if you search in English. Most you'll find are translated tech news or online store advertisitments.

      The price aren't that much a difference. They are China phones you must look at their original China prices to really know. G3 is known to have better build it's at 899 RMB, if you want extra batteries and stuffs it's 999RMB. S7100+/S7180 is 980RMB, H7100+ is around 880-950RMB. 100RMB difference is less than US$18. Price are often affected by the screen, camera, other parts used and more importantly the quantity.

      China electronics came a long way. Their quality are getting better, and way btter than 10 years ago. Most should last you 6months to more than a year. If you are worried get Jiayu G3. Or if support is really what you want get Zopo brand, they have English webstore and support. THL brand is good too.

      MTK6589 are already available to the manufacturers. Let's take G3 as an example, their 1st batch and 2nd batch time difference is about 2 months. But after that all batches about 1 month apart.

      The factories can make 500-1000 pieces within 2weeks, 10000 pieces will take longer time which is around 1month. The time delay part is normally the designs and porting of OS.

      So if you can wait till end Feb, you should be able to get a nice MTK6589, especially if you are willing to pay 3rd party retail prices. But don't expect MTK6577 to drop to MTK6575 prices (now). It'll only happen sometime around June when the new chip comes out.

  3. Hi Greg
    Please what about this one:

    1. I can't comment on that phone as there is not enough info. The definitely do not have it in stock yet. I would wait till they post screen grabs. However, I think it is Jelly Bean but not Gorilla glass. Perhaps tempered glass. IPS screen is also a possibility. At that price, I don't think it will be a real 8mp camera. Just wait and see. The price will be re adjusted when the stock really arrives. I personally would not buy it because the mtk6577 is not powerful enough to drive HD 720p screens well.

  4. Hi Greg,

    could you offer advice on this phone that I am thinking of ordering. Do you think it has real Jelly Bean or is it fake? They also advertise Gorilla Glass.

    1. Let me make an educated guess here.
      1) Real Jelly Bean
      2) Fake Gorilla Glass. ( probably scratch resistant tempered glass or normal glass )
      3) possible real 5.4 or 5.4-something screen. Size is a tad bigger than real note 2
      4) Non IPS.
      5) unknown camera resolution. Lowest is 5mp interpolated to 8mp.

      I Would consider this phone to be buyable. Note that you would have to wait as the stock has not arrived yet.

    2. Just out of curiosity are there any phones on fastcardtech that uses real gorilla glass? i was interested in picking an android powered phone with gorilla glass. Its not a deal breaker but it would be nice to know if there were a few on there or not.
      I noticed that HDC Ultra has no benchmark photos posted yet. Probably because its out of stock and too new?
      Finally since its now 2013 would it be better to wait for the 6588 phones to drop in price before jumping on one of these android 4.1 phones? Since it makes no sense to be getting one of the "phablet" (combination of phone and tablet) devices that pushes the 6577 to its limit.

    3. Real gorilla glass phone would be the Jiayu G3 and the new G2s. The UMI X1 has tampered glass. I can't really vouch for the clone phones as the advertising often shows higher specs than the real thing. Mtk6589 phones are going to be released in quantity in March or April so you might want to wait for those phones. The Ultra is too new so there are no benchmarks or videos done yet. It is probably still not in stock yet.

  5. Have placed order for the al cheapo H7100 (1gb). let's see how it turns out

    1. Hi Colin, I was also thinking of buying the H7100 because its the cheapest 6577 Note 2 out there and its got the same specs as the others that cost of all its even got JB which some of the more expensive variants lack.. I will very much appreciate it if you could post a review here after you have used the phone..actually the main concern is whether everything works perfectly..we should not be too concerned about things such as camera quality, lags, sound and image quality at this kind of price..what we want is simply for everything to work..TIA

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  7. can u give me any 4.3" Jelly bean smartphone firmware link
    i want to install it on my device !!
    actually i want to port it on my devices >>>

    thinking of getting that phone, mostly because of integrated stylus, do you think the 720p display will have an big impact on performance ?

    1. Yes, the HD resolution will slow the phone down. You should wait till march for the quad core releases.

    2. do you recommend any good phones preferably with a stylus

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  11. Hi Greg

    Many thanks for your articles - have now brought two phones and am very pleased with them.