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Hey guys, check out this beauty. Only problem is the price which is $399 and Dual core processor and non-IPS screen.
The specs cut and pasted from fastcardtech:
You can view this on the fastcardtech site HERE

Model: ViVO X1
Carrier: Unlocked Android smartphone
Phone Style: Bar, touchscreen, 
4.7 inch multi-touch capacitive screen
Operating System: Android 4.1 OS
Processor: MTK MT6577, 1GHz dual-core

Screen Size: 4.7" touchscreen
Display reulotion: 960*540 pixel
Color Support: 16 million colors
Screen Technology: Multi-touch screen, capacitive

Camera Resulotion: 8.0 megapixel CMOS, 720P video record, auto focus, digital zoom, LED flashlight

Connectivity Technology: GSM + WCDMA 3G network
Network Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz & WCDMA 2100 MHz
Data Technology: GPRS / EDGE / HSPA+
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.1
WLan: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
USB: USB 2.0

Video Player: AVI、MP4、3GP、MOV、MKV、FLV
Ringing Tones: Downloadable
Message: SMS, MMS, Email
Phone Book: More than 10000 contacts
Brower: HTML
Game: Downloadable, Google Market
Radio: FM Radio
G-sensor: Yes
Interface/Port: 3.5mm earphone jack / mini USB

Battery: Li-on battery, 2000mAh
Standby Time: 100-150 hours

Impressive thin Phone. Comments please?


  1. Over-priced for a MTK6577 series phone. My bet it'll produce 1 or at most 2 batches, then the specs get upgraded to MTK6589 and 720p screen for the same price.

    Start with the processor, it is using MTK6577T which is real 1.2GHz, but the difference aren't that much compared with MTK6577A/B.

    Memory is 1GB instead of the original rumor of 2GB. The screen is QHD instead of the original plan of 720p, which is likely due to the limitation of MTK6577.

    The camera wise I doubt it's Sony or Samsung, my guess it's Omnivision or maybe Toshiba. Meaning you are getting the same camera result as the lower price Jiayu G3 or Newman N1. At least the front is 1.3MP.

    BSI CMOS CIS often used by China phone manufacturer is more of a gimmicks (to me). Those Omnivision 5MP that a lot of those Shanzhai brand (like Star and HDC) are using are BSI CMOS. Doesn't mean they produce good enough results. It really depends on which particular model is being used.

    From the WCDMA support, you'll know it's mainly built for China market as it only has 2100.

    IMHO the battery size is decent for 4.7" with a body of 6.55mm thick. The handling, I'm not so sure if it'll give a firm grip for a guy, mainly due to the thickness and design.

    The audio is said to be good and paired with a good pair of earphone. IIRC, the earphone cost around US$50 in China.

    So from how I see, you are paying a novelty for the thinness and the audio.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I find the cheaper phones also produce good audio when used with a player like the Neutron Music Player with 64 bit sampling. Better to get your own high end headphone or bluetooth speaker like the Braven 600. The camera should be at least a decent real 8mp camera. For that price they should include a f2.0 or f2.4 camera lens since the screen is not even IPS and gorilla glass. I don't think it will sell well due to the price / performance ratio. I have done some benchmarks and the MTK6577 is quite close to the Sony Xperia P which is considered a mid range phone. Will put up the comparison in my next post.

    2. The cheaper China phones normally do not add in good speaker or sound chipset. Regardless how good the software player apps and headphone are, if you use the same on phones made for audio playback there'll be a difference. The cheaper phones which are HTC clones will normally add in better speakers and have default audio enhancement done on their firmwares.

      But my opinion is China phones are value for money, if they wanna make it into something atas, there should be at least some originality.

      As for aperture it's not the key factor. If you compare Iphone4s and Galaxy S2 (Sony CIS), one is f2.4 the other is f2.8. Both are Sony CIS, but the results are debatable which is better.

      I do agree with u that X1 will not sell well.

      Having own a Sony Play, I can say Sony performance will be better as they really put in effort into their firmwares. Sony phones should operate better than MTK6577 phones. Even if the benchmark of Xperia P will likely get lower score compared with MTK6577T.

    3. The speakers of all the phones I reviewed are not not bad. But best of them all is actually the Neo N02. It can produce some small bass for a little punch. That speaker is even better than the Xperia P or S which I used to own. I bought the Xperia P for my gf so I tested it before passing it to her. I sold the Xperia S because I could not get used to their UI and high battery consumption. I refused to root it and modify it so that it holds its second hand value better. Anyway I recently found out second hand HTC One X are now going for only SGD $400 in Singapore. So if the higher end chinese phones are going to sell at USD $300 or over then it is better to get a lightly used branded one like Sony or HTC. Samsung phones are now in demand and hold their second hand value well.

    4. Regarding the lenses, it does make a difference when in low light. f2.4 and 2.8 is just marginal 1/2 stop difference. I do professional videography and also build 35mm adapters (if you check my other blogs). From f2.0 to f2.8 should make little difference. If a lousy lens is used like a f3.5 or 4.0 lens you will get lots of grain in the picture and force to increase the noise reduction which will make the picture murky or cartoon like.

    5. IIRC, Neo N02 was model after HTC phone. Look at the back where the camera is budging out. As I'd mentioned earlier, if it's a HTC clone the speaker tends to be better. But hardware decoding will help improved the sound better than just software decoding.

      As for power consumption, it depends on the phone battery capacity and chipset used. Sony phones battery capacity normally not very big.

      HTC One X although is a F2.0, if you look at the compare shots with iphone4s or GS3, you'll find that aperture is does not always ensure you good results.

      You may not know this, but a lot of the MTK6577 phones you reviewed before are mostly f2.8 from OminiVision and Aptina. They no longer use narrower aperture CIS.

      However, which CIS was used really give you different results. I give you 2 examples of China phones with 5MP by OminiVision but using different model of CIS with same aperture. Zopo ZP100 vs Lenovo A750. Or if you wish Haipai I9220 vs Star N9770.

      You'll find ZP100/Haipai I9220 photo results are better, but the other 2 gives a red cast under strong light and do really bad in low light.

      The technology behind how each CIS are made plays a more important part than just aperture. Even in digital videography the cam CMOS sensors size, material, technology will affects your output results.

      I'm not into videography, but was into photography. If you google my nick, you may find tips and guides on some forums dated back 2009. Just like Canon vs Nikon vs Sony camera senors used will give different results.

      So what I'm trying to say is Aperture or MP/resolution is not everything. More importantly which particular CIS was used. The best way is look at the photo samples.

      About 6-7 years ago, Samsung phones used to be damn cheap with virtually no resale value. Back then Nokia phones had the best resale value, next was SE. See how the world have changed. lol

      But as I said "So from how I see, you are paying a novelty for the thinness and the audio." "I do agree with u that X1 will not sell well."

      Will I pay US$300 for a China phone? I won't. I won't even pay US$250 for a MTK6589 phone shipped. The price I set for a MTK6589 phone will be that of Jiayu G4, which is 999RMB. With agent fee and air shipping, it should not be more than S$250. If it's for a 4412 or Snapdraggon S4, I will be willing to pay 1499RMB, which means should get it for S$350. Of cos all other specs must be decent.

      Singapore for now it's still better to hold a branded phone. You should look at sellers from the US, sometime they throw out manufacture refurbished handset at great prices. LG phones are good value if you are willing to flash custom rom.

    6. I fully agree that the way a camera works is using the whole system with the sensor playing the most important role. I have not really read up on sensor technology except the basic stuff. Since my background is videography, sensor size and arrangement plays a very important part. Now that photography and videography are being merged the new CMOS sensors are able to handle both types of media and is great. But I do not know anything about small sensors in phones or CCTV or spy can devices. So this is why I appreciate your input here about phone cameras.

      The prices you mentioned in RMB are China local prices so if you go China especially Shenzhen or even Hong Kong you will be able to buy the phone at those prices. Online stores usually charge more for international sales. I for see the prices of mtk6589 phones going above USD$250 as those will be considered premium phones usually inclusive of IPS screens and tempered glass. Some already announced NFC built in. Like you said, the dual core phones will hold its prices for the time being especially with the new MT6577T version. Any idea if the new T model is built using 28nm manufacturing process?

    7. To get the phones at RMB prices, you just need to use an agent. Of course you need pay agent fee of 6-8%, use their exchange rate and shipping. For Singapore agents, you should see the phone in a week or sooner, air shipment rates are normally less than S$20 for a mobile phone or tablet. Of cos there are Taobao/China agents in almost every country.

      Those who use agents to buy from China normally buy from the company's website or Taobao sellers who are authorized retailers. Sometime you can get great prices on Aliexpress too which is the English sister site of Taobao. The price are higher but they have discount now and then with coupons, also every Sat/Sun u pay by mastercard gets you US$5 additional discount.

      But most of the time it's still cheaper to get from Taobao using agents like sgshop or 65daigou.

      I was really into China Tablet back in 2011, and had posted quite abit in China Tablet info on HWZ under the nick seasoncrystal. During those time I'd came across some 3rd party sites selling oem as the real deal. Even from a really reputable online stores.

      Like the Jiayu G3, even Jiayu own forum warns people of fake G3 in circulation. China clones don't only apply to International brands lol The problem is the firmware.

      Another example, like Star N9770 have 2 version of firmwares. The difference is the CIS used. IIRC, the screen digitizer or panel is different also.

      MTK6577T to my knowledge is not build with 28nm technology. It's still 40nm. If MTK6589 goes above US$250 only if you choose to get from 3rd party. Jiayu G4 has already confirmed the price at 999RMB, IIRC Umi M2 at 1299RMB. Shanzhai brands like Star/HDC (There's no HDC brand in China), will likely priced it at around 950-1200RMB. 3rd party stores will likely jacked it up by US$30-50.

  2. Interesting discussion guys. I actually bought a Newman N2 for USD257.89 which comes to about SGD320-330. It comes with an Exynos 4412 with 1GB RAM and a 2500MAH battery. Hope its worth it when it arrives.

    1. Which store did you buy it from? Is it free shipping? It is quite a good deal for a Samsung quad processor phone. I am actually waiting for the UMI X2 but may be a long wait.

    2. Bought it from Aliexpress with free shipping but the price has now increased to USD302-304. I must have preordered it at the right time. Just waiting for it to arrive now. I'm actually thinking of selling it away because I just got myself an LG Nexus 4 so the Newman N2 is now redundant. Anybody from Singapore interested? Lol. I actually have a S7100+ coming too but that would be my standby phone.

    3. IMHO, keep the N2 as standby and sell away the S7100+ ;)

    4. I think he wants the big screen. No point using 2 phones with similar screen size.
      Take three: how about letting me do a YouTube review of the N2 for my blog so I don't have to buy it. I could help you sell it off on my blog...

    5. Greg got it right. No point having 2 x 4.7 inch screen phones. The LG Nexus 4 is a beast speed wise. I dun think the N2 would be able to keep up lol. I used to have a Samsung Galaxy S3 which uses the same Exynos 4412 but the Nexus 4 bitch slaps that thing in terms of smoothness and I always thought that the S3 was very smooth already. I also prefer a much bigger screen for my secondary phone.

      Greg, I actually dun mind letting you review the N2 but my experience is that once the packaging is opened it becomes harder to sell away. People seem to want a virgin phone if you get what I mean. Once opened considered not virgin liao lol.

      Tell u what. If you can promise me that you can let it go at the price I paid for it or more, I dun mind letting you review it. You can even do the unboxing video and all lol.

      Let me know.

      I even have an Innos D9 coming in (u know...the one with the humongous 4160mah battery) which I bought for my mum. She keeps complaining that the mtk6575 5.1 inch china phone I bought for her from the last IT show doesn't last very long battery-wise. I am hoping the Innos D9 would settle that issue.

      Dun ask me why I got so many china phones. I seem to be obsessed with them dunno why. I really should open my own blog and review them all but I'm the lazy type so too bad lol.

    6. Comparing the smoothness of Nexus4 and S3 is like comparing JB vs ICS ;) But Nexus4 processor should be better.

      If screen is a factor, do take into consideration of 1280x720 on 4.7" vs QHD on 5.3" screen.

      But then which ever u keep doesn't matter, u'll end up getting a new one since u are a China phone fanatics.

      Have the Aliexpress shipped out the N2 yet? If not there's a chance they may cancel the order. It happen often on Aliexpress. The latest pre-orders from retailers in China should be all out by 6th.

    7. Aliexpress already shipped the N2. I actually wanted to cancel the order lol but it got sent out when I was about to cancel it. Missed it by 1 hour lol. I'm fine with qhd on 5.3. I actually have a N9776 6 inch mtk6577 and that comes with a 854 x 480 resolution and I'm fine with that. Its main shortcoming is that it has only 512mb ram. It would have been great with 1 GB ram. Ended up gifting that to my mother in law. She loved the big onscreen keyboard!

    8. My supposed S7100+ arrived today. It turns out to be a N7100+ with a 854x480 resolution instead of QHD. Other specs like 1gb ram and jelly bean turns out correct. Thank god I'm not a resolution freak or I would have freaked out. The 1gb ram makes a lot of difference and after installing nova launcher the phone is very smooth and very usable. The screen is pretty good and better than the 6 inch I have. Web browsing which is my main criteria is a pleasure. That 1gb ram makes a hell of difference in that department.

    9. Oh and another thing. It has an Antutu score of 6700-6800+ which was a pleasant surprise. My 6 incher which had similar specs but with lesser ram and ICS could only manage 5400+

    10. Very strange. My S7180 or HDC N7100+ has a real QHD screen. Did you get the Star S7180 or some no name phone which is just advertised as N7100+. My has the label N7100+ below the battery. Does yours have this?
      And of course your Antutu score will be higher because you will get higher 2D and 3D scores due to the lower resolution FWVGA screen. By the way, have you received your Newman N2? I may want to buy it from you....still considering.

    11. Mine has the N7100+ below the battery. Its a no name phone. But it was advertised as qhd on the site as well as the box but antutu and quadrant says otherwise. I'm still waiting for the Newman n2. Will let u know when it arrives.

    12. Just an update. My Newman N2 finally arrived a couple days back. Tore open the wrapper and the box it came from is already unsealed. Might as well power it up and see if it boots up.

      Preliminary impressions.

      Nice to hold.

      Buttons are kinda sticky but not a deal breaker.

      Camera is decent.

      Don't like the default ui. Makes it kinda sugglish.

      Installed Apex Launcher and this thing is now smooth like butter.

      Battery seems ok but too soon too tell.

      Performance wise this thing is a screamer.

      Installed the latest firmware and google play disappears. Even the older firmware did not have a complete google play.

      Rooted and installed google play from some website instructions.

      After doing all the above I can wholeheartedly recommend this device. But not before.

    13. Oh ya Greg if you are still interested in the Newman N2 please let me know. I did not mean to open it but after the wrapper came off, the box was already in an unsealed state. Take it as a bonus because I already rooted and installed Google Play for you lol. It was a major pain.

      This thing really reminds me of my Galaxy S3 performance wise when I had it. It is way better than any of the MTK6577 I played with before. Well worth the additional price premium.

    14. OK, thanks for your comments. The N2 should be a nice phone. I have Xiao LA jiao (chilli padi for sg and mlaysian friends) on the way with the Tegra 3. I think I would like to buy it from you for a head to head comparison. The chilli padi phone is a lot cheaper at $219. But no problem, I can sell it off easy on my blog. The other version is the Freelander i20. That should be the international version with play store built in my new article, the exynos and Tegra should blow away the new mtk6589 phones ... but have better battery life.

    15. Let me know when you want to get it from me. Just email me

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