Monday, November 19, 2012

MTK6577 with PowerVR SGX531 Ultra Screen Resolution 3D Games Test

The GPU on the MTK6577 SoC is now standard on many Chinese phones, clones or originals alike. Here we take a look at how the SGX531 GPU performs at different screen resolutions running 3D games. It has been published that the MTK6577 SoC can drive a maximum of QHD resolution ( 540x960 ) but many manufacturers have paired the MTK6577 / SGX531 Ultra GPU with 720x1280 HD screens. Games tested are N.O.V.A. 3 and NFS (Need For Speed ) Most Wanted. Because these CPU/GPU are now the highest specced chips in the Chinese budget phone market, one needs to know which combination is best for their needs. For me, I seldom play games but I appreciate high resolution screens and productivity / utility software so hires large screens are what I need. This section will help you decide what kind of phone you need without breaking the bank and tearing a hole in your pocket. Watch the video to find out more...

My recommendations for  MTK6577 phones UNDER USD $200:

If you need fastest game performance and screen resolution is secondary, get the
HDC Galaxy S3 Plus ( click link to fastcardtech ), now discounted at $180 with Free Shipping to selected countries.

If you are an occasional game player and need balanced performance with QHD higher resolution, you have several options:
HDC Galaxy Note 2 at $192 with Free Shipping!
Neo NO2-M at $174 with Free Shipping! 1GB RAM!
Star Xperia TX at $170 with Free Shipping!
Newsmy Newman N1 at $185 shipping charges applies.

If you absolutely need highest resolution 720 HD screen and play less games:
HDC Galaxy S3 EX at $195 shipping charges apply. 1GB RAM!
UMI X1 at $199.99 shipping charges apply. 1GB RAM!


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  2. How about MTK6589, which resolution is the best for MTK6589..?

    And right now also have MSM8625 too that make me confuse about to find the right phone for..


  3. Hey big boy , do you know play 1 and 2 on hdc galxy note 2 ,I have trouble with this games,THANKS
    John logan.