Sunday, November 4, 2012

HDC Galaxy Note 2 Quardrant Standard Scores and Dual Sim operation

On Fastcardtech there are 2 similar phones called the

1) HDC Galaxy Note 2

and the

2) HDC Galaxy Note 2 Pro

The HDC Galaxy Note 2 Pro was supposed to have a 1gb RAM option but that has now been removed. Both phones actually have similar 5.3 inch screens and not the misleading 5.4 or 5.5 inch screens. This makes the 2 phones very similar. The advantage of course goes to the original Galaxy Note 2 because I have been using it for more than a month now and have been very happy with it. This phone is also identical to Zopo ZP900 Lite and is being supported and a promised Jelly Bean update from Zopo. The rear of both phones are different. A user on Youtube requested Quadrant scores so here are the screen captures I did today.

And the screen capures below shows the phone with dual Sim in operation. I was in Vietnam so Google Now detected my location.


  1. Thank you Greg....!!! was looking for the Quadrant Details....

  2. Hi Greg. Another hdc note for 209.00 (1gb ram) has cropped up on fastcardtech so its a much better deal than the one for 239.00 with 1g ram. Unfortunately I only realized this after purchasing the one for 192 with 512mb ram.

    1. You are right. It just appeared. They are releasing new phones every 2 weeks. You will surely not able to keep up. Looks like I have to get it and review it.

    2. I just bought the N7100 version of the HDC Galaxy Note2 2 days ago, right before reading your warning on this site. I sure hope it's not a fake, since the 1280x720 resolution is kinda important for me. Ram and Processor are not that important to me, cause it's always better than the HTC Desire HD I have now ;-)

      Once it arrives I will let you know the correct specs, ok?

  3. The phone has shipped out today. I hope it will arrive in about 20 days or so, since I live in Europe it will probably take quite long. Once it arrives I will try to make an unboxing vid or something and let the specs speak for itself :)

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  5. hi greg

    i had purchased 2x zopo zp900 from a phone shop in HK last week & they were running 4.1.1 out of the box. did not think much about it at that time but now back in singapore was browsing zopo's site & kept seeing JB for zp 900 not released yet & i emailed & checked with them & basically they told me i had gotten faked zp900. need your input on this bro.