Monday, October 1, 2012

Tinji or Star i9300 Galaxy s3 clone is crap

I got this phone about a month back, before I bought the HDC Galaxy Note 2 clone mtk6577 phone and I was thinking of doing a YouTube review of it. This is a description of this phone on some of the other websites. Tinji I9300, Android4.1, Dual Core, 1.2GHz, Dual Sim, MT6577, 4.8"WVGA,3G WCDMA, 8.0MP, Gravity Sensor Proximity, Sensor Light Sensor, Smartphone, Wifi, GPS, FM, radio, Multi-touch, Schedule Power on/off.

This phone is the same as the Star brand found all over the internet. I decided Not to go ahead to make the YouTube video because you will be hearing me curse and swear every other sentence. This is my Warning to all. DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE as you will regret it. Here are the pros and coins of the phone.

  1. Good build quality.
  2. Nice bright LCD screen
  3. Second battery provided.
  4. Battery cover with front LCD protection leather (PVC I think) provided.
  5. Fast and responsive. Can play Asphalt 7.
  6. Good video recording quality at 720p.


  1. Advertised as Android jelly bean but 4.0.* ics
  2. Heavily modified android UI. If you drag a widget onto the home screen, the home screen icons are not visible.
  3. Weak WiFi signal. Fluctuations in signal levels.
  4. Weak GPS signal.
  5. Inaccurate battery indicator. After charging to 100%, it drops to 82% in a few minutes after unplugging.
  6. LCD is 4.6 inches instead of 4.7 or 4.8". Very misleading advertising.
  7. Dim and totally useless LED camera flash.
  8. Camera unable to auto focus. Only landscape or infinity focus mode works properly. Macro focuses OK.
  9. Low resolution front camera.
  10. LCD flicker when set to auto brightness or low brightness.
  11. Hardware home button cannot be used to wake phone. Only power button can wake phone.
  12. Much heavier than original S3

I may have missed out more Cons. The phone is really not bad but the manufacturer just provided a crappy ROM with no updates.

For all the guys out there that have already got this phone including myself, we will have to make do with it or wait for a new ROM update. I will even feel bad selling this phone to someone else. Thank goodness there is a forum on xda with the WiFi and GPS antenna fix but that's about it.
You can check it out here.

So please don't get scammed like us. This offending phone is the Star / Tinji / Tianji i9300 S3 clone with the MTK6577 processor.
You will be better off getting the HDC Galaxy S3 i9300 plus version from
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Thanks for reading my article.

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  1. I bought the HDC Galaxy S3 and I have weak wifi problems and battery drops like you said, im gonna send this pos back.