Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Fastcardtech's merry Christmas Xmas Promotion

So I got an email from Fastcardtech yesterday about having some Xmas discounts and to my surprise, I got a call from their online sales person in the night while I was having some beers. He wanted to let me know that he wanted to give coupons to my blog readers. So here are the discount codes...grab it while they are hot. Only to the first 300 customers. Head over to Fastcardtech site and look for a place to put the code in. I haven't taken a look at the site yet so you guys figure it out.

First 200 guys to use this code 138888 will get a USD $10 discount.
Next 100 guys to use this code 137788 will get a USD $6 discount.

Just click the link here to check out all the phones.

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