Sunday, March 24, 2013

Screen Protector Problems? Here's the fix.

Some of these Chinese phones come with a free screen protector or if you ordered one from the online store together with your phone, they just include it in the box and they don't put it on for you. So, if you're like me having a hard time getting these to stick on without the bubbles, here's a video for you as it helped me out a lot. You can also use the tape to pick dirt off your screen. Enjoy...


  1. Greg!
    We need your review one the new MTK6589 phones Umi s1 or X2

    1. N9589 Phablet review up. Check out the latest post.

  2. Hey Greg.
    What phone should I buy between 100-150€.
    I need 1 with good GPS signal.
    Screen not too big 4" or 4.5"
    Surf on internet
    Take some pictures.
    Video record with some quality.

    Can you give me your opinion.